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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tomorrow Morn, We'll Be Wakin' Up With the Chickens

Tonight we go to bed a happy family. There are four young chicks living in our loft. The pick-up at Destiny Farm was an adventure in itself. We will tell more about that experience later. After much research, discussion and conversation with other chicken owners we made up our minds. We have selected 2 Road Island Reds and 2 Isa Browns, a breed which promises over 300 eggs a year. They are healthy, hearty and will be ready for our chicken tractor ( still in the works) in about 6-8 weeks.
Madeline anticipated the trip to the farm all day long. She and Michael have been working really hard with Daddy setting up the brooder box. She could hardly focus on her school work today just thinking of the little chicks that she would soon cup in her hands. Michael was equally excited, and exclaimed "this is sweet" more times than we can count. Miles seemed to be really happy as we gathered in the farmers chicken coup this evening. He loved all the sounds and fluffy life all around us. On the way home from the farm this evening, our 4 little birds chirped in the back seat, anticipating a warmer area to snuggle up to. Half way home, Michael said "Please close my door tonight Mom, so I don't hear them "chipping" all night." Mike and I on the other hand, cannot wait to be lulled to sleep by the "chipping" of our new friends.

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  1. Oh, wow! I didn't know you guys were doing that. I bet the kids are enjoying those chicks, especially the oldest kid, Mike Sr. I can't wait to see them. Love, Grandma O.


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