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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Morning After

I remember when we purchased our dog, Daisy She was just a few weeks old. The first night we had her home I felt as if I had just given birth to a newborn. She whimpered all night long, not to mention the time it took to potty train etc., I thought "what did we do!"

Last night was a totally different experience, the only thing that kept us awake was the sheer excitement of our new little friends.

The kids were allowed to stay awake extra long so they could visit with the chicks. Later in the evening, after the kids had been in bed, I noticed Mike was no longer lounging on the sofa reading. After popping my head in almost every room, he was no where to be found, until I looked one last place. I walked up to the third floor, and there was Mike, like a big kid, watching the chicks with excitement. See, this whole thing would not be happening if it weren't for Mike's lifelong ( at least adult life) dream of having his own chickens. I was fine just purchasing my eggs (free range, organic that is...) from the grocery store. I was just fine visiting these cute creatures at the petting zoo's and local farms, besides, how on earth could we raise chickens, and in the city!
It wasn't until God changed my heart and united it with my husbands, that I agreed to this "crazy idea." Mike has done much research on this topic, both in the past and recently. In the course of two weeks I watched as he breezed through two 500 or so page books on the topic, talk with local chicken owners, email friends etc. All the while, I did my own research and felt my heart turning towards my husbands dream.

I watched last night how excited the kids were as they observed these cute little birds hop around, chirping, pecking and picking. I watched their eyes widen, their faces light up and the questions arise, something modern toys, games and electronics could never evoke. My prayer is that we don't simply have chickens just for the eggs or nostalgia, but that we allow our Creator to teach us through something so pure and so perfect.


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing!
    How do I get emails when you post a new blog?

  2. Is this where I comment?

  3. I love how this shows interesting sides of you guys (Mike especially -- two 500 page books, wow!) and a creative detail-oriented God (uniting hearts and efforts on a common plain between husband and wife over an unusual dream!). Thanks for sharing -- Maureen Batty

  4. This is so good!!!!!!!!! It's going to be so good for all of you to have this common interest. I'm really proud of you Mike and Melissa for sharing this experience with the kids. It's something they will share as they grow together!!!
    Thank-you so much for putting so much time into sharing it with us!!
    Mom and Dad Palmer

  5. Good work guys...getting back to our roots!!!
    And by the way, who needs facebook anyway
    This is the way it was meant to be!
    Real live chickens beat Farmville hands down anyday!

  6. This is so exciting! We can't wait to come over and meet the chicks! What a cool think to do! Another reason to love you all!! Amanda

  7. Omy goodness! Our Rhode Island Reds are getting HUGE! I'm really hoping that the big one isn't a rooster. Do you know what happens to roosters in the city?

    Chicken Daddy (not to be confused with "your daddy's a chicken)


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