Join us as we adventure into unchartered least for this household that is. Our mission, to raise healthy, hearty chickens that produce many healthy and hearty eggs.

In the Beginning...

These two guys are who greeted us at the door.
First time Michael held a chick.  He did so with no 
hesitation whatsoever.
Madeline loved this little guy. She acted as if
she held roosters all the time.
                                      This hen pecked at the farmer for disturbing her
                                                           and her precious eggs. The farmer said that
                            all the hens take turns sitting on the matter which
hen laid them. So cool, the natural instincts that occur.
Ok, these are the 4 we choose! Time to go home.
Miles loves these little furry creatures, he giggles 
and shakes with excitement.
Daddy loves em' too!