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Monday, May 10, 2010

Road Trip, Day 1

What an incredible week we are having. I have been trying so hard to update our blog with pics and comments along the way, but due to technical difficulties, that was not possible (big frown).
Anywhoo! I'm blogging a brief run-down of our road trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Smokey Mountains, and everywhere in between!

Our trip started off late Wednesday night, when we drove 4 hours to Ohio, and experienced our first ever sleep-over in a Walmart parking lot. Yes! you can do that! In fact, Walmart encourages folks to do that, and so a free pit stop sounded great to us. We were a bit nervous at first, but our fears subsided away when we pulled in to see 3 other RV'ers in the lot, and mid-night worker's cars all around.

We set off bright and early Thursday morning down the road towards Knoxville, TN. Mike had planned for us to see a concert called "Sundown in the City" and a gal we really enjoy listening to. Her name is Jill Andrews,(

She was once part of a group called the Everybodyfields, but a little while back, they split and now are single artists, Jill Andrews, and Sam Quinn.
Speaking of Sam Quinn, we met him!

As we set up our lawn chairs, Mike said, "hey, I think that's Sam Quinn!" So we walked over and introduced ourselves. We told him how we had just drove from Detroit, that we are celebrating our 10Th wedding anniversary, and how we are so excited to be in Tennessee! He wrote down some of his favorite local spots,

The concert was wonderful

and afterwards we headed to Rita's for gelato, so yummy!

Then we headed to our first RV park

...and settled in for the night

And this was only day one of the trip! I have so much more to share, including farm visits, incredible scenery, hiking and more, but because the vacation is still in progress...I'm headed outdoors to relax with a cup of coffee and a good book (We Plow God's Fields by Johm Curis Ager) with The great Smokey Mountains as my backdrop. Talk to y'all later, day two up next!

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  1. Your trip sounds wonderful so far. I'm so anxious to hear more about it. We're so happy that it's going so well and your meeting nice people. Be Blessed as you travel!! Love Mom and Dad-Grandma and Grandpa


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