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Friday, April 9, 2010

Video Update

I regret that I have let another 4 weeks pass without an update on the chickens. But today I'm brushing off the ol' keyboard and blogging about our chickens! Below is a video post on the latest development with the flock. The Isa Brown that Madeline is holding has struggled from the beginning. Madeline made a heart-felt attempt to nurse her back to health two weeks ago. When Madeline noticed something wrong with the chick, her bedroom had quickly become a nursing unit. Madeline's love was so sweet, and she made us proud with her persistent care and concern for the little Isa. Unfortunately, the little chick was just too weak and did not survive. The kids cried, but were quickly comforted by their Daddy's words, "It is God's grace that the bird perished, the little chick was suffering."

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